International Energy Mob operating in Romania, in 02.07

International Energy Mob operating in Romania, in 02.07

International Energy Mob operating in Romania.

Blast at Romanian Black Sea refinery kills one, another one, and injures five. Another one is dead, after a similar incident.

A blast on Friday at Romania’s biggest crude oil refinery killed one person and injured five others, Romanian authorities and the KMG company that run the Petromidia Rompetrol Group refinery on the Black Sea confirmed for the international mass-media.

Holidaymakers at a nearby seaside resort of Mamaia – Constanta County watched as plumes of black smoke billowed from the area next to the refinery. Some tourists reported hearing and seeing a loud bang. Actually, it was a strong blast explosion as well as a big fire.

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Petromidia refinery is located in Navodari on the Black Sea, about 20 kilometers north of Constanta, Romania biggest port, major harbor alliance hub next to Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Environment Minister in Romania, Mr. Barna Tanczos ordered an investigation, and mentioned SEVESO Directive, which includes rules, regulations and compliance. He said a plume of smoke was heading out to sea not toward the shore. Some holidaymakers were on the beaches near the refinery, but the beaches weren’t crowded.

Now the plume of smoke is still over the Black Sea across the Romanian seaside and coast, but it is expected to return to the mainland territory today, as the pollution effect is maximized. According to the international European and western sources from different agencies, such as prestigious Environment and Military, taking into consideration the recent navy ships incidents in the Black Sea between two military of the UK and the Russian Federation, an investigation was launced.

It is well known about the international criminal organizations operating in the Rompetrol Group in Romania, especially in the fields of ecology and decontamination, in Ploiesti and Constanta.

According to the mentioned sources, the leader Armand Kulmanov left Romania, due a espionage scandal, but still in charge is Felicia Andrei (Bohaciov), his partner.

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Strange enough, because they use vehicles like contractor companies for revamping the refinery in Navodary, but they did not work more than in the contract papers and documents. Therefore, in accordance with the revamping contracts between TRG – Kaz Munai Gaz, Rompetrol – Vega Refinery and Petromidia Navodary and OIL DEPOL SRL CONSTANTA and EcoMaster, the pipelines and the waste disposal places & lagoons should have been cleaned up and refurbished, despite the fact they were not, and the refinery received the necessary certificate.

One can notice the blast of the two oil waste areas, after the revamping contract between Rompetrol and EcoMaster & Oil Depol SRL Company Constanta and the appointed works ( enclosed pictures ). RO ALERT also reported to the agencies and press.

In fact these companies did not do and follow up the proper works and activities as the contract obliged, and received the contract prices. Very similar strategies are still applying in VEGA Refinery in Ploiesti, using a different vehicle of Mr. Alexander.

According to the international military sources, Armand Kulmanov left Romania, due an international scandal. In this way, responsible for this significand event and blast & fire is Felicia Andrei (ex- BOHACIOV), the chief of „procurement” at Rompetrol Romania. This person was also investigated recently for the very same situation (one person killed: August 22, 2016) occured and happened on the Navodary Refinery perimetres, and even she and Rompetrol company were pursuit and sent in the Court of Justice, they both succeded to escape, as per the necessary international Romanian „low profile” superior support of the highlighted international criminal organization, led by the underground mentioned group which includes Felicia Andrei.

Despite the statements of Mr. Barna Tanczos, the Romanian minister of Environment, the plume of smoke will come back to the territory today, the polluting effects will be maximized, and Romania shall receive a new infringement notice-procedure, under the international environment monitoring responsible Europeant branch offices entities.

“We have a mobile laboratory to monitor air quality “, the minister said. “Reinforcements have been sent from other counties to Petromedia”.

Petromidia Refinery Rompetrol Group said it processed a total of 1.26 million tons of raw materials in the first quarter of this year. It has been running at 84% capacity.

It is a matter of the International European and, of course, the Romanian authorities, responsible for the brand-new started investigation, to find out the role of each criminal party and individual due the mentioned Environmental catastrophe, incuding the lagoons in Navodari and Ploiesti, at the VEGA Rompertrol refinery.

Very strange, suddenly, in the first half of July 2nd day, Mr. Teo Teodor Dulceata, the General Deputy Secretary of the Environmental Ministry asked and received the approval to go on vacantion.

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